outfit ideas


Senior photos are treasured portraits that are meaningful to both you and your family. Planning ahead all the outfits and looks will help eliminate stress and create an enjoyable experience. Follow these basic styling tips below to guarantee beautiful and timeless heirlooms.

pick 3 diverse outfits

The first outfit should be a casual style. The second outfit a more formal look. And the third outfit should be centered around your personality, such as a sport, hobby or interest.

The Casual Look for Girls: Jeans and a light-colored blouse with white tennis shoes

A flowy sundress and a light denim jacket with nice sandals or a simple wedge.

The Casual Look for Guys: Jeans and t-shirt with an open buttoned shirt on top, a tennis shoe (non-athletic). A pair of khaki shorts and a polo shirt with low profile tennis shoes or boat shoes. Light pair of pants with a denim button up shirt with sleeves rolled up

The Formal Look for Girls: A black pair of pants with a slim fit colored crew neck sweater, heels/dress shoes. Dark denim jeans with a slim fit colored tee and a black blazer, heels/dress shoes. A structured dress with a simple neckline, heels/dress shoes. A romper and a wedge heel

The Formal Look for Guys: A crew neck sweater with a dark pair of pants, dress shoes. Dark denim jeans and a V-neck tee with a blazer, dress shoes. Black pants and a colored button up shirt, dress shoes

The Personality Look: A sports outfit like a basketball uniform or dance costume, complete with ball and dance shoes. A musical instrument or hobby related items like paints or a book. If you are super into fashion, perhaps you want to pick a trendier look for your final outfit to really show your style of the time.